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I don’t want to write the greatest story in the world, I just want to be able to write a part of THE story.

People might say I’m nuts, or egotistical, or even narcissistic (somehow), but I’d like to know that along with each and every person that my own chapter has contributed to THE story that continues from the moment we’re born to the day we pass on. Every story, any story, all stories belong to this one tale that is the continued anthology of existence that we all share, a veritable hodgepodge of different accounts, perceptions, and experiences that are shared or kept separate.

Many people focus on the stories that interest them, that engage them or tell the story of their own life, and that’s fine. I want to know more about this overall story that encapsulates it all, that creates the narrative that splits off into untold numbers of tales that have been told since the dawn of the first self-aware being that reality saw step from the ether.

I want THE story, the one that started them all, the origin, the progenitor, and not just the deus ex machina that so many believe in and follow blindly from beginning to end. I want the story where it began, and where it began to fracture and split off into so many different exciting and interesting tales.

It seems too grand a design for a human to ask for, too much information to grasp in a single lifetime, but looking beyond the world we know to find out just where the edges of said story might exist, is still an intoxicating and heady thought that speaks to the wildest imagination of those that tell one story after another. We might all draw from the same pool of ideas as many authors have said, but where did the pool come from? Where did the ideas originate, and how far back can one take something before the story finally reaches an origin point?

Some might say it never started and will never fully end, that it’s a continual loop that we’re only barely aware of. They might be right, but everything has a beginning, no matter how long it takes to get to the ending. My wish would be to find the beginning of the story, if only to truly understand what drives the passion and desire for the story that I and many others have found over the years.

I dare to ask why and how just as any other, but I want deeper answers that some might not want to know.


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