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Let’s put it this way, a good writer won’t often go out telling people that they’re good, they won’t look down on others stating that they’re bad, and they certainly won’t focus on the work of others unless it happens to be their job. Really, good writers aren’t always the best at penning the thoughts that run through their head, but they’re the ones that are continually willing to try to hone their skill and improve. They’re the ones that will accept criticism and move ahead using whatever tips and opinions they’ve been given to make their writing pop just a little more, to gain the attention from their readers by utilizing the changes that people have mentioned might make their voice a little stronger as it reaches the page.

Good writers rarely ever have to state that they’re that good. It might come out as a bit of pride now and again, a hint of something that smacks of self-satisfaction, and quite honestly it’s deserved at times. A good writer will be their worst critic and will see the negativity and comments of others as part of a learning process, not a condemnation of their existence or their inability to, at that moment express the story that they have to tell. In essence, good writers will see failure as an opportunity, and the comments of their detractors as an open challenge. Good writers don’t rest thinking that they’re doing ‘good enough’. They forge ahead no matter how hard it gets.

Bad writers on the other hand will seek to cut others down to make their own projects look better. They’ll gladly bring others down should they realize that someone might threaten their supposed place in the writing community. Heck, they’ll attempt to bring someone down if they think that they’re a better writer than them without feeling threatened in their security. A bad writer will seek to undermine and demean those around them that don’t seem to understand what they’re writing and label them as non-intellectuals or some other derogatory term that makes them feel superior in some way, shape, or form.

Bad writers, good writers, all that really matters is that a writer does what makes them happy. If you like to write, then do what you love to do. If you feel the need to break other people down for what they write, then you might need to find another profession.


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