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The next day he was called into see the local chief of police and was given the news that he’d been dreading but also expecting.

“We have a list of the people that were harassing your friend. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything.”

“What?” Aaron asked, sitting forward, “Did you read any of the shit they said?”

The chief, a big man that was just now starting to show the ravages of time to his huge, muscular frame, held up a hand as he saw Aaron getting ready to keep speaking.

“I did, and I get it. What was said was horrible. The people that decided to berate him for days on end are going to be contacted and, depending on what they said, possibly charged with misdemeanors-“

“Misdemeanors? They caused a man to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger? How the hell are they not complicit in his death? How do they get away with a slap on the wrist?”

“Because of the wording Aaron,” the chief said, “The law doesn’t allow us to prosecute them for anything else. I want to, most of my deputies want to, but we simply can’t.”

“So they get to say what they want and just get off free?”

The look in the chief’s eyes said it all. Aaron shook his head as he ran a hand through his hair, working his jaw back and forth as looked back to the list that was sitting on the desk between them.

“According to the law, they might get a misdemeanor on their record, but that’s it. According to the law.” Aaron heard the change in the other man’s tone as he looked up, seeing the nod the chief gave him before his eyes tracked to the list as well.

“I’ve got somewhere to be for the moment Aaron,” he said calmly, “Just let this go and think about it. The law has done what it can for now. Do you understand?”

Aaron nodded, watching as the chief rose from his desk, walking around it towards the door, and then through the door as he left Aaron alone. His eyes went back to the list. He got the message.

(to be continued)


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