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To this day I still don’t know why I went and talked to her, but I did it, and as of now I could come up with a lot of reasons that don’t feel right but could be used to explain it. Maybe I was just tired of the shit that she was unloading on people, maybe it had something to do with trying to work in a place that seen three people quit largely because of her, one of them a newbie and two of them that had been there longer than she had. Or maybe I was looking for a soft spot beneath that hardass exterior.

No, that last one doesn’t feel right at all. I know I wasn’t trying to ‘put her in her place’ if that’s what you’re thinking. That was never my intention since I don’t care to do such a thing to anyone unless I know they have it coming. Considering that the lot of us that worked with her didn’t know that much about her I didn’t have a lot of call trying to break her down since I had no idea just what she might have been dealing with outside of work. But there’s a way to deal with your own personal shit so that it doesn’t affect others, especially when you have to rely on your coworkers at some point.

I really think I went in there just to talk, to see if I could get her to say two words that weren’t laced with contempt. Our break room wasn’t huge but it was big enough, and I could have easily picked another table to sit at. Instead I plopped my butt right into a seat across the table from her. She noticed of course, it’s hard not to when someone my size sits on the opposite side of you. But instead of saying anything she just dismissed me in her quiet way and went back to fiddling around on her phone.

“Busy day isn’t it?”

Huh boy, if I’d known what kind of shit-storm that simple question was going to cause….I’d still have said it.

(to be continued)

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