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This is an old argument and there are plenty of counters that people can thing of. In fact here are a couple:

I can’t afford to move.

I want to make this a better place.

The whole ‘if you don’t like America then get out’ is kind of old and not always well-respected, or liked, but quite honestly it’s about as true as it gets. Obviously not everyone who seems to love socialism and thinks capitalism is the problem can just up and move, it’s not feasible and it’s not a way to solve the issues that arise between people.

But talking, level-headed discourse that could possibly solve the problems between us, doesn’t seem to be what some folks want either. There are those on both sides that would love to talk, that would love to find out just how we can solve the problems that exist to this date. But then again, there are still those that want to go ahead and widen the divide, there are those that want to preach to others that “America was never great” and that it can’t possibly be because too many people are oppressed.

Wouldn’t it be easier to sit down, talk, and find out just figure out what we can do in order to find a working compromise? So far the answer seems no, but one can only hope that one day reasonable minds will emerge that will talk, not shout, not seek to divide, and not simply fight with one another over matters that an honest discussion could possibly alleviate.

It’s a hope, but one that hasn’t been realized yet.

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