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No one wants to be around this woman, no one wants to even bother with her. For making someone quit the GM tried to have a talk with her and it seemed to go sideways from the get. None of us heard since we weren’t even allowed in shouting distance, but apparently she told him calmly and clearly what she was going to do and what he could do if he tried to stop her from doing what she wanted to do. In other words she dictated her own job to him and sent the poor guy on his way.

How many employees can do that? I’ve never seen one and I’ve never seen any boss that I’ve ever had treat a person with this much deference. She wasn’t related to anyone from the store and so far as anyone could tell she wasn’t anyone special. But she was allowed to get away with her behavior for a long, long time before someone finally decided to talk to her. Unfortunately that someone was me.

Our store was divided down the middle with a laminated walkway that circled around a few of the departments while running alongside the others. She worked on the opposite side of me, on the linens and towels side, and my interactions with her had only ever been a brief glance or when she needed my help getting something from a top shelf on account of her being a little too short.

She was a pretty woman aside from her constant scowl. She had dark brown eyes, a very pleasing face with high, rounded cheekbones, and lips that seemed like they belonged on a movie star. She had a few extra pounds on her backside and hips but nothing that detracted from her overall look. The only thing that repelled people from her was that attitude and that constant sense that she was angry about something at every given second.

Talking to her was never easy, but then the day it happened was something of a trial itself.

(to be continued)


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