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To my knowledge no one in the store ever asked her what she was so mad about all the time, or even if she was mad. Y’know, I’ve seen some people look like they’re mad every moment of the day and all the time they were as calm as could be. But this woman, huh boy, she acts like there’s a bee constantly ramming her in the butt with its stinger and just pissing her off even more with each passing minute per day.

I can recall that one day a new girl came in to the store to start her shift, a young woman no older than 18, and a friendly person to boot. This angry woman of ours had her sobbing and slobbering all over herself in a matter of a few hours. When she was done drying her eyes she went ahead and told me just what the woman had said to her, and it wasn’t much more than I’d expected. Some might have called it an offense worth firing her over, but no one wanted to be the one to have to face up to her for that long, not even the GM.

This new girl had gone over to the angry woman and tried to introduce herself only to be rebuffed and told that the only reason she’d been hired had been because she was a bouncy young thing with a nice ass and a rack that made the men drool. Now tell me how that’s okay and I’ll gladly eat one of the dust rags we use on the merchandise every now and again. And you know what’s even worse though? She got away with it. Even after reporting to the GM what had been said, he’d simply told her to leave the woman alone unless she absolutely needed her for something.

Unfortunately she didn’t last more than a month before she quit.

(to be continued)

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