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No one really knew what she was so fired up about most days, all they knew was that she had a bone to pick with those that didn’t see things her way or didn’t get out of her way quick enough. She wasn’t a big boss at her place of employment, she wasn’t a huge personality that could influence or even sway the decisions of people that could make a difference. But she was listened to all the same and for some reason people didn’t mess with her all that much. She was just an angry woman that never seemed to ease up on the hate that she threw around so easily.

If you’re asking me or anyone else just why she was like this it’d be hard to say since most of us just tried to stay out of her path. It wasn’t worth arguing with her since quite honestly working in a department store you tend to want to get your job done and clock out when your shift is over. Getting in a fight with another person, especially those you work with, is never a great policy.

But something about this woman just made it impossible to like her, and it’s too bad since she seemed as though she could be a really decent person. Of course that was only seen when she was dealing with customers, and any of her fellow employees that were around her at that time and somehow benefited from this phenomenon knew that the moment the customer was gone that glare would return and they’d be better served being elsewhere than in her face.

And yet somehow, not a single customer ever saw her like that. It’s odd, but it’s true.

(to be continued)

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