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Now keep in mind this is a personal thing, I don’t condemn theory, analytics, or anything else that comes into play when people try to figure out a story or delve deeper into the meanings behind the words. For some folks that’s all well and good, it allows them to further understand the feelings that are invoked when they read a book, a passage, or even just a newspaper clipping (those still exist believe it or not). But on a personal note, I can’t stand literary theory or anything that demands that a piece of writing be analyzed. I’ve done it, and still do it on occasion when it’s required for school, for work, or for anything else that serves a purpose. But do I like it? Not in the least.

Why though? Well that’s pretty simple, I enjoy the mystery of the story, the unseen and unknown parts of a tale that lose their magic when they’re discovered in their entirety. Some might say that I’m a dreamer, a lover of ignorance even, or someone that just doesn’t to see my illusions shattered when the truth comes out. Not really, I don’t mind coming to the end and finding that it was all a show, a trick, and an illusion that would pop like a soap bubble once touched, but diving even deeper into the motivations behind a story, trying to figure out how it’s pertinent to society, and what the author was trying to convey in one way or another, is just another form of decay that allows the story to be laid bare like a wondrous animal on a dissection table.

Of course that’s my view, I tend to love the idea that stories never really end, that there’s always a tale to be told, a way to continue the Story that is the tale of this world, of humanity, of our place in it and apart from it and so on and so forth. Analyzing a story simply isn’t my idea of a good or fruitful time.

We all enjoy reading in our own way, and to those that love to analyze every passage and word that comes across their field of vision, best of times to you. For those like myself that love to read just for the story and the experience, enjoy each world as it comes along.

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