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“Come in girl,” Himmel said from behind the door. She’d been about to knock on the closed wooden portal, but it would seem that he’d heard her coming. Maggie opened the door carefully, walking into the old man’s room only after looking around to make sure she wasn’t seen. She left the door open a crack before stepping to the side so she wouldn’t be seen if someone passed by.

Himmel was in his chair again, his head bowed forward and his eyes closed as he stared at absolutely nothing. Heaving a sigh he rotated the chair to look at her, his sallow expression seeming to carry a heavy weight as his eyes looked her up and down. A contemptuous smirk creased his thin lips, but he said nothing until their eyes met.

“I have seen you watching, and I gather that you know from the man down the hall who I am. If that is the case then you must know more than you have told me.”

She nodded, “I want to-“

“You want to know about Joseph McGregor,” he said, interrupting her, “And you want to know about the treasure.”

She frowned, not sure how to react at that moment as she felt her jaw hang open. How had he known? Himmel only chuckled however as he wagged a finger at her.

“You are not the first to ask, foolish girl.”

(to be concluded)


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