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There was freedom in the free fall, a rush unlike anything else in this world, and it was over far too quickly. Rain fell much like her namesake, quick and on target as she hit the second roof again, this time using the added momentum to jump up and perform two, then three front flips as she then executed a no-hands cartwheel on the fourth flip, finding that she was only a handful of strides from the edge of the building at that point.

Once again the fire in her veins was singing with a voice that couldn’t and shouldn’t be denied as she ran to the edge, performing the same move as before with one slight variation, she catapulted herself back onto the ledge where she turned ninety degrees to her left and began to run. She could hear the people on the ground and those behind her on the roof either whooping and hollering or telling her that she was being unsafe, but she couldn’t stop at this moment if she’d wanted to. Her reflexes were walking a razors edge at this moment and she needed every bit of focus she had as she came to the corner of the building and instead of slowing down to pivot she leaped from one side to the other, feeling her shoes grip the metal cap that ran along the top ledge.

From there she did the last thing anyone expected as she made the leap from the ledge to the fire escape that so many older buildings came equipped with, feeling the hard iron bars shake slightly in her grip as she made her way down level by level, gripping with her feet and her hands until she hit the ground once again where she rolled once as she came to her feet, virtually unscathed and still feeling good.

It took a few moments for those that had been watching her to make their way over, but as Rain felt the fire continue to burn she made the decision before the first onlooker spoke up.

She was going again.

The End

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