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Her muscles flexed as she planted her right hand atop the ledge, her body spinning about as she used the heel of her hand as a pivot point. Rain could hear in the distance as those coming behind her cried out in sheer terror, only to laugh moments later as they reached the edge to see what she’d done.

She almost had too much momentum as she went sailing over the edge, but her grip was sure as she latched onto one of the window ledges she’d seen upon walking up to the building they’d used as their landing pad. The faded and worn brick held under her grip and allowed her to lift herself up as she pressed one palm to either side of the few inches of space she had, placing her heels firmly on the ledge as she looked forward. There it was, just as she’d seen it, the lamppost that she had thought would be a good challenged for someone of her caliber. It was one of the old-style lampposts, not those thin metal jobs that was too wide around to be much good to anyone attempting a stunt like this. No, this one had the carefully-worked craftsmanship that had allowed for the kind of handholds and slim build that would hopefully hold her the moment she latched on.

It wasn’t a far jump, but as she pushed off of the ledge with both heels she saw the faded, iron-gray cast of the lamppost expand in her vision, graceful arc of the limb that extended out from the main body as it supported the streetlamp dangling from its end like a ripe, golden fruit that had yet to be illuminated. She extended both arms as gravity took hold again, feeling her palms strike the metal as her fingers instinctively wrapped around the metal. Then came the slight pain as gravity continued to pull at her even as her body remained in motion, swinging up and over as she quickly directed her momentum, kicking her feet forward as she began to swing around the lamppost, just as she’d planned.

(to be continued)

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