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He hadn’t given her much to go on, just the name of a small town that he said that he’d met Joseph in, a chance meeting at that, and a vague description of something that the two of them had seen fit to fight over. Some folks would call that less than nothing, but Maggie was fully gripped by the fever now, she had to know just what it was that Himmel hadn’t said. She was resolved to keep the secret to herself since she wanted to know without anymore interference just what had gone on between Joseph and Himmel, and if it had anything to do with why Joseph had never come home to the love of his life.

It had been torture for the rest of the day as she’d wanted to head for the library without any hesitation. She knew the archives in the Portland Library were extensive enough and their internet connection was great enough to find whatever she needed. Plus, she was adept as any student when it came to finding the information that she found pertinent to a search.

After calling her father to tell him that she would take the bus home she had only to wait for the clock to say it was time to leave before she started making her trek from the home to the public library. It wasn’t too far away, just a half dozen city blocks away through a couple of protests that she barely acknowledged and past the sights of the city that she barely seemed to notice these days. Portland was becoming more of a crap town every day it seemed, especially since Trump had been elected and the marches and protests had began in earnest.

Soon enough though she reached the library, and with more than enough time to sit down and conduct her search. Had she known what she was going to find though her curiosity might have been quelled almost immediately. Himmel wasn’t the monster she’d thought him to be.

(to be continued)

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