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If this makes you laugh then you might have encountered some haters in your life, those that try to break you down and bring you to the brink of self-doubt. These folks tend to go around thinking they’re great people, skilled at what they do and fully confident in their own little world, until they encounter you. Once they find that what you’re doing is capable of blowing them away, in other words your work is better than what they’ve done, it’s time to switch to attack mode. Some might try to be friendly, to dig around and see if there’s anything they find at first that might tear you down quicker. But a lot will simply snap at you like an ill-tempered canine that’s reacting on instinct and fear, rather than reason.

That means you’re doing something right, and have irked them so badly that their world just shattered and is lying in pieces at their feet. This also means, unfortunately, that the chances of them going full-on attack are even greater since their own sense of self is, by no fault of yours, no longer as secure as they once thought it to be.

Once you rattle a person, once you appear on their radar, you’ll have a choice to make. Are you going to fight, or are you going to smile and keep moving forward? Mind the shards of their self-worth as you move onward, those suckers can still cut if you step on them in the wrong manner. Otherwise, move forward and don’t worry too much about what people say. Eventually the haters do tend to remember that they have other matters to tend to.

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