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It only took one knock to elicit a response. Her knuckles had barely left the wood of the door when she heard a shout from inside.

“Go away! I have my medication!”

The clipped and obvious accent made the words sound more vicious than they likely were. But still she couldn’t help but jump as she swallowed hard, wondering if this was worth it. She’d learned enough about Joseph McGregor to be satisfied if she just walked away, but at the same time what Joe Smith had told her still poked at the bit of curiosity that had been piqued only a short while ago.

She had to know, even if it meant putting up with a certain amount of verbal abuse. Maggie had been warned by the other two staff members that the man in this room was something of a grouch, to put it lightly. They had even told her that they would take care of him if she wanted, but she was determined now. Instead of knocking again though she gripped the knob and turned it, pushing the door open before the man inside could shout at her again. He wasn’t too far behind though.

“Are you deaf? I said I-“

He stopped as he spun about in his wheelchair, catching sight of her as she stood upon the threshold. The man she saw looked far less imposing than his voice had seemed. He was pale, scrawny, almost emaciated in fact, and with flesh that was almost sallow in appearance. Eyes that were the faded brown of an old boot glared at her as his lips trembled with outrage.

“Who are you?” he almost hissed.

She thought very carefully before answering, and even then she took her time.

(to be continued)

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