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People don’t want to hear this these days but it seems that they need to since it’s too true and no matter your experience, in the US you are a free human being. It’s true that there are people in the nation that likely don’t care for you, that will unfairly judge you by your skin color, your race, your religion, and just by the way you look and sound. But that doesn’t take away the freedom that you have as a human being and as a United States citizen. If you’re not a US citizen and you’re living here then you have human rights by all means, but as far as any rights afforded to US citizens, you have to earn those.

Before anyone gets bent out of shape about this statement think about it. If a US citizen decided to relocate to another country and wanted whatever rights and privileges that were afforded a citizen of that nation, they too would have to become a naturalized citizen of that country. See how that works? There’s nothing racist about it, and there’s nothing wrong with coming to a country legally and with every intent to give something back to the country that’s sheltering you.

Claiming that we’re not given the same opportunities however or the same rights as human beings and US citizens is unfortunately a sign of ignorance and unfettered arrogance that is only helping to keep us divided. It might sound like an angry rant, but in all honesty my words are coming from a place that makes the most sense to me, and to many of those I’ve spoken to on both sides of the political line. Walking the middle gives a very different perspective as it allows a person to realize that both sides can be right, but they can be so horribly wrong as well.

We have the same opportunities to succeed in this country, the only difference between those that believe it and those that deny it is the ability to see past their own mental and emotional iniquities. Life isn’t fair, that’s the truth, bad things happen to good people for no good reason, that’s the truth. But never, ever, are we without the means to find an opportunity that we can take hold of. If you claim this is untrue, it means you’re not trying. Boom.

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