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Obviously Fay’s got a point here, and it carries a great deal of weight, enough that it’s worth applying to life. Critics are going to come and go, it’s a natural part of anything that we do in life. Some try to be fair and say the things you need to hear, others take the effort to be bilious and as overt in their negativity as is humanly possible. The best thing you can do is not worry over it. You can get angry, you can get defensive, and you certainly have the human right to lash out at them in an attempt to convince them that you’re worth more than they think. But in the end, they’ll have their opinion and cling to it with a tenacity that borders on obsession. That’s okay, let it go, let the critics do and say what they will.

That’s their concern, not yours. Those that read into the criticisms of others tend to commit one of the biggest mistakes that anyone can experience: they begin to doubt themselves. Doubt all by itself isn’t a horrible thing, it does force us to question now and again if we’re on the right path, and if so it might allow us to see a different road that we might travel that could possibly be far more enlightening and even allow us to be more successful. However, if you happen to be walking down the road that not only makes you happy, but has allowed you a modicum of success, then those that appear to criticize should be taken as they come and allowed to drift away as they will. Don’t focus on them, or you might possibly miss the path in front of you that was your choice to follow.

In the most basic words: do your thing, and let them do theirs. Be happy in what you do, as living well is one of the best ways to weather the slings and barbs that critics are typically armed with. Be happy being you, and walk your own path.

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