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“Eager for a story, aren’t you?”

Maggie smiled as she shrugged, “I find history interesting, especially when someone that was really there tells it.”

Joe smiled in return, “Well, the honest truth is that those medals should have never gone to me.”

Her smile faltered just a bit, but she continued to listen.

“Another young man and myself were on the same ship when it went down, a damned mine fetched a good wallop on the underside of the tanker we were on. I was told we were hit by a mortar as well, but by the time those of us that managed to get off the ship were in any state to assess the damage the ship was already on its way to the bottom of the sea.”

“How did you get out?”

He raised his eyebrows slightly, “I had a bit of help from the same young man that I’d befriended only a few months before that day. His name was Joseph, and to this day I wonder what happened to him.”

Maggie’s jaw dropped, though it could have been a coincidence. Somehow though, she doubted it.

(to be continued)

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