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The next day she walked into the office pent up, ready to explode, and all because she couldn’t let the events of the previous day go. She hadn’t slept much because of it, she’d been up pacing, playing Solitaire, and even cleaning her house to try and get the anxiety to go do. Did people ever think of what their actions would do? She doubted since in the business she was a part of it took just one kook with an agenda to make like miserable for anyone. The worst part was that others would join in so they wouldn’t be ostracized along with the target.

Anyway, she was here now, and hoping like hell that she could just focus and get to work. Her boss was already in her office, no doubt already working on a strategy for getting through the day. They’d gotten hammered the day before, and all for something that could have been handled in a much quieter and more professional manner.

She’d written an article using her own words after doing the necessary research, and somehow, some way, someone online, an editor for another magazine no less, had accused her of plagiarism.

It was like being slapped in the face without warning when someone called you a plagiarist, as in the world of writing it was perhaps one of the worst insults that anyone could deliver to another writer. The problem was, she hadn’t plagiarized anything. The BIGGEST problem was that she hadn’t cited an author from a different article as she probably should have, and that was how the shitstorm had started.

But instead of keeping it nice and civil and asking for an apology a credit in the article, the editor that had gone after her boss had gone straight for her throat, metaphorically-speaking.

In her opinion it hadn’t been the best move on the part of the editor.

(to be continued)


  1. Seriously, dude? You’re trying to turn what you did into a bad short story? You blatantly copies paragraph and sentence structure without a single citation. You committed definitive plagiarism, and no you’re attempting to fictionalize it and paint yourself the victim-hero?

    And you haven’t even bothered to apologize to the person from whom you unequivocally stole.

    Fuck you, Tom. You deserve the complete lack of a writing career that you’ve just guaranteed yourself.

    1. And let’s not forget that your “boss” has shown a pattern of this throughout the entire existence of the site. Indeed, he HIMSELF has plagiarized. Fuck him, as well.

      Megh was in the right, and the fact that you know it is what kills you the most.

      1. No, what kills me, in a laughing way, is how she screwed up by not asking for an apology for her writer and made a huge case with this. Asking for an apology would have been fine as I would have given it, but taking off after my boss and the site was overkill. Who are you by the way, I never did get an answer to that.

      2. And by the way, I get why you plagiarized – your own original writing is abysmal and lacking in even the most rudimentary voice. Buy hey, good luck with the self-publishing. After this fiasco, you’re gonna need all the luck you can get.

      3. So is this how you got to where you are, by telling other writers their stuff is garbage? That doesn’t show a lot of faith in your own ‘skills’. But hey, you keep plugging away. Thanks for all the comments and have a good one.

      4. Nah, I got to where I an by working diligently on original content. You might wanna try it.

      5. If you’ve been on my WP site, oh wait, maybe you haven’t, or haven’t been on Amazon, or BN where the majority of my works are. Wait, have you written anything but articles? Oh well, doesn’t matter. Have good night.

    2. So finding inspiration to write a story now isn’t okay? Wow, I must have forgotten you’re the authority ’round here. Wait, nope, you’re not, you’re just another mouthpiece that the person that started this riled up.

      1. Actually, you plagiarizing douchebag, I’m a working writer who has been doing this a hell of a lot longer than you. And I’ve never once stolen content. I wouldn’t dream of it.

        Pity you can’t say the same.

        As for the “huge case” Megh made, it was due to the fact that she easily found DOZENS of plagiarized articles on the TVOvermind site. She and other writers who are far more successful than you posted numerous examples. It’s clearly a systemic problem, and your “boss” was deservedly called out on it.

        Your boss is a thief who enabled theft by you and other writers.

        He deserves every bit of shame and ridicule he gets. As do you.

      2. Well, going forward, I do hope you’re paying attention since every article will be cited from this point on and linked to other articles.

      3. Translation: the site I work for has a long history of plagiarism, and the article I plagiarized caused them to be exposed, but I hope you’ll read us because I promise we won’t be plagiarizing anymore, in spite of the fact that we’ve done that a ton.

        Peace out, dude. Enjoy your frightening delusional architecture.

      4. so wait, I apologize and you’re still going to be a dick? Yep, says more about you than me at this point. G’night

      5. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t thank you after all the bullshit. Good night.


    “-to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own
    -to use (another’s production) without crediting the source”

    Sounds like the person in your story committed plagiarism.

    “Some organizations fail with their aggregation when they try to avoid linking out to other sources. This obscures where the information came from, and opens them up to accusations not only of a lack of transparency, but also of plagiarism or the downstream activity that some have come to call “patchwriting.””

    That one sounds familiar, too. Hmm.

    1. so now writing a story, an original story no less, is going to piss someone off? Have a good night Nat.

      1. No anger here from me. Just helping a fellow writer learn the actual definition of plagiarism, since apparently “she” thinks it only means word for word copying and not, you know, the actual definition which includes not citing sources properly. Just want to help you craft the world of your original story a bit better. If the “problem was that she hadn’t cited an author from a different article as she probably should have,” then that’s plagiarism. Just want to understand the story, Tom. No need to be angry.

      2. I understand the meaning of the word Nat, it’s been a long day, it’s a fictional story, good night.

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