“Celebrities aren’t evil, they’re not defined by a few, but some need to be reminded WHY they’re popular.”


Celebrities are put on a pedestal for a reason, we look up to them because they’re in front of the camera, they’re popular, they can do things the rest of us only try and they live lives that are seen as glamorous and overall rather posh. There’s another side of this of course, and that’s the unfortunate fact that they don’t get a whole lot of privacy unlike the average person since so many people want to know what’s going on in their life no matter if it has to do with what they’re working on at the moment or if it’s just something about their personal life that might have no bearing on their work.

So it’s easy to feel sorry for a few of them at times since just imagining a group of paparazzi wandering around trying to snap pictures makes at least a few people shudder. But there are those celebrities that seem to have forgotten just why they are where they’re at, and it’s these few that seem to think that the world is here to please them whether it likes it or not. Those that seem to think that they’re above it all, apart from the masses from whence they came, and are meant to be treated almost like royalty.

Some folks will gladly continue to defend these individuals, while others will seek to understand them. There are those whoever that would love to see what might happen if their metaphorical pedestals were forced, or at least allowed, to crumble. How many of them would land on their feet? How many would remember the humility that was so important in the beginning of their career? It’s hard to say since it’s not bound to happen so long as their adoring fans seek to bolster them. But it’s an interesting though.

Like I said, not all celebrities are like this, but those that are inspire dreams in which they finally get a strong dose of the same treatment that they’ve heaped upon others.

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