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There’s rape in the USA, there’s no doubt of it and it’s absolutely horrible. The detriment to those that are raped is something that takes a good many people time and a great deal of personal effort to recover from, and I’ll admit as a white man I’m appalled by, disgusted by it, and yet don’t want to be looked at as a possible rapist simply because of my gender. I’m not the victim, that’s obvious, and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else become a victim.

But it’s not a culture.

A culture is something that binds people, that brings them together, that people share because it binds them in a way that’s hard to break. Rape doesn’t bind people, the act of rape tears folks apart. The idea of victimhood is a possible culture, though if people are to go down that road then it would seem that they’ve admitted that the cowards that harmed them won, that they beat them in some fundamental way that forces them to remain as the victims. How about survivor culture? It sounds a little more positive, and it definitely sounds as though it might be more uplifting to those that remain, those that have lived through such horrid assaults, and are still strong enough to move forward.

Rape is not a culture, it is a horrid act that quite honestly deserves a much harsher punishment.


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