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It’s making me laugh now that so many folks on Twitter, Megh from Vulture no less, are openly calling me a racist and thinking that my views are racist and that I’m just a big, ignorant RACIST. I mean ha, really ha, that’s funny enough that I’m smiling my ass off right now because, quite simply, y’all are acting like sheep by listening to Megh and those like her that seem to enjoy attacking others that, like myself, are free-thinking individuals that care about and respect everyone until they prove that they’re no longer worth it.

Think about it this way, racists tend to agree that they are fully against someone of another color, religion, race, and so on and so forth. Were I really a racist as you want to claim, hahahahaha, sorry had to do it, I would stand up for my beliefs and say so. But at this point, I believe that anyone and everyone has a chance in this world to do what they want, get what they want, and be free to take whatever opportunity they can get and make it work. If you don’t like having the fallacies of so many protesters and SJW and liberal-minded individuals pointed out then you have the FREEDOM to not read, not listen, and move on. But calling someone a racist is kind of funny when you don’t know them, don’t associate with them, and don’t know half of what you’re raving about.

And to you Megh, quite honestly, nice try.

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