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Who remembers back to the days when we could tell a joke or say something that wasn’t quite okay but was still allowable since we could let it slide off our backs without giving it another thought? Anyone? Yeah, the memory is getting kind of dim for me too since PC culture is pretty adamant that microaggressions and tasteless jokes aren’t all that funny any longer, no matter that they’re a part of free speech and are meant to satirize life and the many different situations we tend to find ourselves in from time to time.

PC culture, ah yes, the great savior of our race, the bastion of what it means to be polite, well-mannered, and well-educated on what it takes to not offend anyone as much as possible. Wait, people still get offended? Well hell, it would seem that PC culture kind of fell down on the job then didn’t it? I know, I know, many would say that it’s not the job of PC culture to police what we say, think, feel, or do, but huh boy do some folks tend to think of it that way. PC culture is basically that which seeks to make things fair and helps people to avoid taking advantage of others in any possible way.

And if you buy the idea that it works then I’ve got a few stalls filled to the brim that need mucking out. That’s basically what PC culture has done to our nation at this point, filled it with a heaping helping of crap that has been building up and up and up as people attempt to make things ‘fair’ and ‘polite’ while seeming to ignore that real life is anything but sometimes.

Having thick skin when it comes to life isn’t just something to be said, it’s something to practice. If you can navigate your way through life by not allowing everything you hear to get to you then you’re doing pretty good. If you feel wounded by every little slight, every word that’s meant to hurt or harm you, then the chances are good that you should find your safe space and take your blankie with you since this world isn’t going to get any kinder. It’s not all hard edges and sharp tongues, but if you can’t handle the least of what this world has to throw at you then it’s pretty certain you can’t handle the worst.

Our world is not a nice place sometimes, it’s mean, nasty, and cruel, no matter that it has the capacity to be warm, loving, and nurturing. If you need the PC shield to get by however, then it’s a bit obvious that somewhere along the line someone forgot to give you the best advice you could have received.

Suck it up buttercup and move on, the world will accept you when you accept it for what it is.

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