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Thankfully Google was as reliable a tool as anything these days since all she had to do was plug in JOSEPH MCGREGOR and WORLD WAR II and she ended up with several million hits, but thankfully a few pictures that upon poring through she found revealed the man that she’d been looking for. Joseph Scott McGregor had been a PFC in the US Army when his ship, bound for the beach at Normandy, had apparently been sunk by enemy fire and much of its crew had either been deemed KIA or MIA. Joseph had been one of those deemed MIA, but that was where his record apparently ended according to the the internet.

A deeper search, one that cost a few bucks, yielded better results however, as Maggie found that there had been a great number of Joseph McGregor’s listed in neighboring areas and all across the United States. She’d dug deeper at that point, going over those who had married and those that hadn’t, trying her best to find pictures and failing on all but a few counts. But the few she’d found were helpful at least, in fact one had been very telling as she had brought to mind the picture the old woman had shown her. She’d been elated when she had seen something in the eyes of the picture she’d seen, a quality that she remembered from the photograph.

It was him, she was sure of it. Or rather, it had been him. Her heart had dropped when she read the date of his passing. He’d gone to meet his maker only a month ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it would seem. The cause of death was heart failure, and as she read the obituary she found that he’d passed alone, leaving behind no wife, no kids, and only a legacy of good friends and happy memories. Maggie had felt tears in her eyes as she’d read this, but she had still enlarged his picture and printed it out, meaning to at least give the old woman the news.

It turned out that she was too late.

(to be concluded)

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