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Privilege has become one of the many buzz words that people get off on throwing in the faces of others these days when they perceive that they don’t have it. If they don’t have the same educational opportunities as someone else whose family can send them to an ivy league college, that person is privileged. If they perceive that the person is white, they have white privilege. And if that person is male? Hoo boy, then you’ve got the trifecta, WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE, the absolute killer that a lot of folks love to toss about like it’s the ultimate nullification of things like hard work, dedication, responsibility, and a desire to separate oneself from the pack of morons that actually puts stock in this garbage rhetoric.

That’s right, I said, ‘garbage rhetoric’. The act of whining about why you don’t have what you want instead of closing your mouth and going out and earning it is a huge problem in our country at this point. Instead of wasting the energy on blaming a patriarchy or claiming that ‘the white man’ or someone else is holding you back, go out and get it. No one in their right mind is going to hold someone back that wants to succeed, especially when their success begins to advance those around them in a peripheral manner. You succeed, they succeed, we succeed. It’s a group effort in this world whether you know it or not, the success that you create is shared by others as they either ride on your coattails or find some way to cash in on an idea that you’ve made popular while you still get a piece of the pie.

You want to talk about privilege and throw it in the faces of those that you think have too much of it? Then you’ve just proven that you have the privilege of being a whiny ass that can do nothing for yourself, congratulations. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and show people what you can do rather than worry over the supposed privileges of others. Those that are truly privileged and given everything in their lives are the ones that have something to prove. Those that have worked for it, earned it, and therefore risen on their own merit, aren’t privileged, they’re more woke than those trying to call them out will ever be.

You want to talk about privilege? Fine, move out of mommy and daddy’s house first and then we’ll talk.

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