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“Our parents didn’t approve of the match, but as you can guess, didn’t care. He was 18, I was 16, it was a different time, and we were in love the moment our eyes met. You hear of true love happening the moment you meet someone, but it’s not true. It was something that happened before we met, a moment that I believe our souls met in the past, and were attempting to reconnect ever since. It sounds pathetic and sappy, doesn’t it?”

“No ma’am,” Maggie said, fully entranced.

“You’re kind young woman, but I know. Us old farts love to tell our romance stories and we love to reminisce about the old days. But ah, this poor man has been lost to me for so long that I’d almost forgotten his face.”

“What happened to him?” Maggie asked, curiosity furrowing her brow as she leaned forward. The old woman didn’t take her eyes from the picture, her fingers resting upon it lightly as though seeking to touch the face of her beau once more.

“It was wartime, and he was an enlisted man. This was the last time I had a chance to see him, and the last picture I would ever have of him. His ship was reported sunk, his name was added to the list of those missing in action. For so long I hoped, I prayed, that he would come back to me, but it never happened.”

Maggie felt the sorrow within the woman’s words, but did her best to keep her eyes down.

“What was his name?”

The old woman closed her eyes as she smiled, “Joseph. His name was Joseph McGregor, and he was perhaps the most lovely man I have ever met. Ah me, how his memory brings back so much.”

Maggie left the old woman to her memories not too long after as she went to perform her other rounds. She had an idea in mind, and she didn’t want to lose it.

(to be continued)

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