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Oh no! You mean life isn’t fair? It’s not designed to fit your needs and bow to your every whim? Someone isn’t there to wait on you hand and foot and make everything easy? Well goshdarnit all and shoot and shucks anyway, someone in the front office might need to hear about this and….

Get good, long laugh.

That’s right, life isn’t fair, it’s not designed that way, and it’s not about to change for any of us no matter how skilled we are, how hard we work, how much we sacrifice, or how much we decide to keep changing the rules on each other when it comes to how society works. Life isn’t fair? Tell it to the wind, because that’s who might listen the most. Nothing’s going to come of it of course but the point of the matter is that life isn’t, hasn’t been, and won’t be fair in the coming future since being human means that we’re bound to this world and everything that comes with it, and guess what, that’s not fair.

You want to be offended because of it? You want to rail and rant and tell anyone that will listen that life needs to be made fair for everyone? Good luck with that. The way our society seems to work at this moment is that everyone wants things to be entirely fair for them so long as it’s meeting their needs, to heck with anyone else since once an individual feels that their needs are being met their memory begins to fade and fairness becomes an ideal and not a concrete idea that they were fighting for just a moment ago. See how that works? It’s all well and good to fight for fairness and equality when it affects the person fighting. But the moment that life becomes easy or ‘fair’ for them a lot of folks tend to ease up on the fighting since to keep going would upset the fairness that has entered the world and therefore disrupt their precious balance.

Don’t strive for fairness, it might sound like I want to send us rocketing back towards the days of old, but far from it. If you want to strive for equality then practice it and don’t preach it. If you want people to have the same opportunities then work to do the best you can and help others when you can along the way. Those that want something need to work for it and quit crying that the world isn’t fair, as this is a song and dance that’s been old since the first whining note was heard so long ago.

You want fairness? Break a cookie in half and share it. You want to go on living in this world? Realize that the life you have isn’t fair, and deal with it.

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