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Fear isn’t solely a human response, it’s a survival instinct that kicks in when any creature is pressed, when they feel threatened or in some way pressured. Unlike creatures in nature however humans have developed a great number of responses that still fall under the fight or flight responses, but have differentiated in such a way as to open philosophical debate concerning what it means to be afraid.

What do you fear? What are you most afraid of? Every last one of us fears something, even those that claim to fear nothing. Some fears are front and center and waste no time on pleasantries as they slap you in the face and dare you to do something. Others are more insidious and hide away, seeming to take forever to do something, to appear, or to even cause the shiver down your spine that causes you to realize they’re there. But when the fear strikes, make no mistake, every last person feels it. Even the hardest human being in the world is afraid of something, and when their trigger is pressed they’ll feel it without a doubt.

Some might run, letting the fear chase them away and determine how they’ll live by allowing to remain unconquered and still just as strong as ever. Others will stand up and refused to be ruled by the fear, deciding to push on no matter how hard their hands shake, how badly they want to turn away. There’s a difference between those that tuck tail and run and those that stand up to the fear, the latter will find what they’re seeking, for good or ill, on the other side of what scares them, while the former might never find what they were looking.

The problem with running away from what scares you is that once you start, it’s hard to stop. Once you stand up to what you’re afraid of, it becomes easier to take on the world as it is, not as you would have it.

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