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Those that aren’t educated love to shove the degrees of those who are under a microscope and test to see if they’ve truly made us smarter, don’t they? But by the same exchange those with the degrees sometimes take their intelligence to a much more petulant place and decide to lord their enhanced intellect over those that never took the plunge into financial debt in order to gain enlightenment that can come from a dozen trips to the local library. Ever wonder what the real value of education is?

It’s not knowing more than the next person, it’s not being able to claim a cushy and superior job that doesn’t require cleaning, constructing, or taking care of anyone else’s garbage. The real value of an education is in the knowing, the application of being able to claim that one is a truly free thinker that is devoid of the type of ignorance that keeps us clawing at one another for dominance. The true value of education is the wisdom that comes as a means of experience and the lessons we take from the failures we endure throughout our quest for a greater intelligence that we believe will continue to elevate our species.

Intelligence on its own is grand, wonderful, and will carry a person far, but it can only open the doors. Rarely will it walk through them, as the pursuit for more and more becomes an obsession that many have fallen into without the how or why that must come when deciding what is worthy of following and what is not. Wisdom is the ability to divine the path that is right for the individual, the way that is best laden for those that have done the heavy lifting when deciding which road is best for them. Without wisdom we’re a blind species looking for answers and stepping on them without recognizing them for what they are, stumbling about in the darkness of our arrogant ignorance as we attempt to discover just what best possible variable will tell us which direction we should take.

Without the wisdom to know better, many individuals become lost the moment their education is over.

So what is an education really worth? If you’re wise you’ll find the answer for yourself when you’re ready.

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