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Tembler Nursing Home

Portland, OR

There were stories everywhere, some just waiting to be unveiled and some waiting to inspire others to begin. Maggie knew more about the world as of now than she’d discovered on her own in the past five years of her life, but somehow she felt as though a century and more had passed since she’d undertaken the quest, the journey, that had brought her to this point.

Sitting on the front stoop of the three-story home, waiting for her father to come and pick her up, she could only reflect upon the past few months that had passed. Much had happened in that time, more than she would have ever thought possible in just 90 days, give or take. Her young life had been changed in a way that seemed irreversible, but somehow she knew that she wouldn’t change a single bit of it, no matter that some of what she’d discovered had been awful, soul-rending, and heart-breaking in a manner that she’d never thought to experience at such a young age.

There were indeed stories to every life, tales that many didn’t know, and some were better off never knowing. The sobering thought about this was that the Tembler Nursing Home was just one among many, the residents she’d spoken to only a small handful out of millions. And yet their stories seemed to encircle the entire world that Maggie had thought she’d known for so long, wrapping it tightly in a weave of intrigue, suspense, and memory that was not her own, but was now her burden for better or worse.

And it was all connected in the most discordant way, the most wonderfully and least harmonic way possible.

The tale began with the two star-crossed lovers….

(to be continued)

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