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Word of mouth is powerful, it moves faster than writing, it dominates entire societies since it takes less effort or time to speak a few words than it does to pen them and make sure that every last eye sees them. But like all things, word of mouth is faulty. It loses something in translation from one individual to another as the message is eventually lost, while writing, despite carrying its own share of faults, is essentially concrete in comparison.

Writing is what keeps our history straight, or at the very least gives us something to cling to even if it doesn’t feel entirely right. It is the history that we hold onto when there is nothing left in the human scope to draw from, a bastion of what might have been or what came to pass long ago when we those of us living today were not there to see. It’s not perfect by any means and can be manipulated just as much by the victor as by those that survive a catastrophic loss. Nothing in this world is perfect, but writing is perhaps one of the last things that will survive when the rest of us are dust, if only because it is the expression of ideas, of beliefs, that was left behind thanks to the belief of those that think that it is nothing but words.

As we know however, there are power in words.

That is why writing endures, and why its importance is difficult if not impossible to question.

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