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“It went bad,” he said, grimacing as he stood with the help of the two soldiers standing next to him, “It went real bad.”

That was an understatement as he could now remember that he and a large number of people had been making their way to the shelter when the bombs had been falling, the heavy surface impacts still resounding in the distance when the doors had been falling shut. He’d heard someone outside the doors trying to get in, but regrettably there had been nothing they could do for them.

Getting into the shelter hadn’t been the hard part, it had been trying to keep order once the people had been ushered into the cavernous space. Nothing had been able to calm some of them down, and once someone had opened the weapons locker, which he had never authorized, all hell had broken loose. The controlled chaos that was shown in the movies was bullshit, human nature was far more destructive than anything that cinema could have ever captured. Before he’d known it, the doors to the lower levels had been sealed and the people had been killing each other left and right for no better reason than because they were scared, desperate, and without any other options it would seem.

It had been a nightmare he’d walked into, but when someone had clubbed him across the back of the head it had all gone away, at least for a while.

“We found only a couple of people left upstairs still alive sir. What do you want us to do?”

“Detain them, but don’t hurt them. I want to know just who started the mess and then I’ll go from there.”

“Yes sir,” the soldier replied, saluting in a crisp fashion. Returning the salute the best his aching body would allow, he watched as the younger man went on his way.

“Sir, is this the end?” the other soldier asked.

(to be concluded)

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