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It sounds like an odd thing to say, doesn’t it? We spend our lives thinking of monsters that are either creatures deep, unremitting evil, or misunderstood creatures that still don’t have the same applications within society that the more heroic and stereotypical figures do. Monsters are, in the public consciousness, the kind of figures, be they human or fantasy, that we tend to revile and see as irredeemably evil in many different ways. In short, the average monster is someone that you don’t tend to want to associate with.

But there are times when monsters are useful. It’s been said more than once throughout history that good will always triumph over evil, that no matter what it will do what is necessary to be done in order to win out. But is that the truth? Will good become the monster in order to defeat the monster that threatens those that are depending on it to win? If it does, then what price does it come at? Some would argue that becoming the monster is a loss, that turning into that which you sought to fight against is not acceptable.

But then what? There are times when a monster can only be fought by another monster, when the good and honorable way is no longer effective, and must cede that something else is necessary. Sometimes the only way to fight the dark and horrible things that come knocking upon our doors is to use the same darkness that we are met with. To become the monster is at times the only true defense against a force that knows nothing of quitting and will not stop for one reason: it knows what scares us and can use that as the means to keep pushing.

Sometimes the monster, the one that does the scaring, is the only thing that can counter the monsters we fear.

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