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Sometimes she couldn’t help but feel that it would be better if she didn’t remember, if perhaps her soul would be divided into pieces so that it might help others become more self-aware, or perhaps a little more enlightened. She still feared such a thing happening however, as like so many beings she’d grown used to her anonymity and didn’t want to surrender it to anyone, or anything. But the knowledge she carried inside her of the worlds that had come before was simply too much sometimes.

The idea that she could tell someone what it had felt like to live back in the days that history books only ever teased at would be seen as lunacy. To relay to them the fallacies of those that penned the words would likely seen her called a liar, or even a fool. Cruel as these words were they were still just that, words. But she still didn’t want to be ostracized for her beliefs. That was why she stayed silent, and why she continued to plod along with the rest of humanity, hoping and praying that they would grow smarter with each new generation.

So far, her hopes hadn’t won out as fully as she’d hoped. But perhaps one day something would change. Until then, it was once more into the breach, as the bard had once said.

Once more….

The End

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