So yes, this is one of the ‘worst of feminism’ videos that’s kind of ridiculous but also kind of humorous at the same time since some of the ideas are kind of out there and less than realistic when it comes to what some women want and how they go about thinking of ways to get it. But if you want the honest to goodness truth, and some still do, YouTube is the new reality TV since no matter how ridiculous it might be some of the videos you find online are more real and more visceral than any show on TV could ever hope to be.

Why you ask? Well, as easy as it is to fool people, yes it’s happened to me too, YouTube is still raw enough that the footage you see could easily be real and in many cases it is. While some people go on YouTube to find movie trailers, movie clips, various other shows and broadcasts that have grown popular over the years, some folks like me just go on to laugh and see how those that are attempting to make serious and in-depth posts are just making themselves look like fools. Is that cynical and wrong? Maybe, but it’s kind of amusing to think that people making their way onto YouTube, be it accidental, purposeful, or because someone else felt that it was necessary, it becomes a very amusing moment at some moments and easy to disbelieve in others.

With every new video that comes along millions upon millions, I’m being conservative as far as numbers, log on and want to see their favorite shows and arguments over and over and will usually stop and take note of a few other channels as well out of pure amusement.

YouTube is at this point bigger than a lot of TV shows, so it might pay for the networks to pay attention.

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