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He tried the metal hand this time, and it turned without a single hint of difficulty, the door swinging open as he pulled, the gun still in hand just in case of any surprises. The corridor beyond was dark and forbidding, but with one look around them to see if the shots had brought anyone out of hiding, the two of them looked at one another and shrugged, moving forward as they found it easy to brave the uncertain darkness.

“Do you hear that?” she asked, turning her head to the side as she tried to listen intently.

He did the same as they continued to walk along, and indeed he did hear something, but he couldn’t quite make out what it was. There was a good deal of what sounded like murmuring, and clicking, and something else he couldn’t define.

“Sound’s like someone’s up ahead.”

She nodded, inching forward as she held one hand against his shoulder, no doubt for comfort but also to make sure she didn’t lose him in the darkness. That became something of an impossibility though as a sudden noise that sounded like metal slamming against metal sounded throughout the corridor, seeming to announce the sudden light that poured down from above. Both of them hunkered down on instinct, shutting their eyes against the sudden brilliance as in the next second he heard another sound, one that jogged a few memories as a voice rang out in the corridor.

“Get down! Drop the gun and down on your faces! Now!”

He didn’t even have time to drop the gun before someone was all over him, knocking him to the floor as he felt his temple connect with the hard surface. As he slipped into the dark he didn’t even have time to tell the soldier trussing him up just who he was.

(to be continued)

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