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It’s not JUST about toxic masculinity any more than it’s JUST about toxic femininity. If you want the truth it’s about both and how they continue to be used to affect one another in a bid for dominance that women feel men have been exerting for a long, LONG time. It is true men, we’ve been at the top of the societal food chain for quite a while and some of us have taken advantage of that as much as possible. The downfall of this is that our predecessors and perhaps even some of us have forgotten that in order to be equal in this world it doesn’t matter who has what equipment or who leads the way. It matters that we get there together and that we share the load as we go.

The current shift in feminism as it’s continued to rise and empower women isn’t an overly negative thing unless you happen to see it that way. Women need to be better represented in this world if equality is going to come about. They need to be given the chance to do things that men do, to share in the power and not just be made to enjoy it when men say so. If we can’t be equal then the shift that some men feel, that feminists are asking for than their due, is going to continue until one side or the other is knocked down to the bottom of the pecking order.

Don’t think you’re off the hook on this one ladies. If you want equality that’s all well and good. Walking side by side throughout society is highly preferable for both sides, but the moment you decide that you need to be superior to men, get ready for the same fight you’ve been waging for so many years. The only differences is that while women have fought long and hard for what they have now, asking for more than you earn is bound to create a conflict that you won’t win overnight, if you win at all. You’re determined, you’re powerful, and you deserve what you work for just as much as anyone.

But like everyone else in this world, male or female, don’t expect anyone just to GIVE it to you. Men, things are changing, accept it and roll with it. Ladies, have a seat at the table and let’s work on an equal society that we can agree upon.


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