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Everyone has something that makes them special and that one quality, or more, that creates a unique person. But when it comes to body image there are those that are slim, those that are overweight, and those that are simply obese. The body positivity isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but trying to push the idea that ‘healthy at any size’ is possible just, well, it isn’t.

I’m overweight and I know it and am trying to get back to a healthy weight largely because I know what it does to my joints, for my breathing, and for various other health concerns that might arise. But this is also why when people push the idea that being morbidly obese is just fine that it becomes an issue since we seem to be asking ourselves to embrace the idea that it’s okay to become so severely overweight that we end up shortening our life span and therefore suffering the chance of a host of ailments that could come our way.

Believe it or not the human body wasn’t designed to carry the kind of weight that some people are starting to think is normal. There are those that are curvy and overweight that are still in good health since they practice healthy eating habits and do manage to exercise during the day. But those that simply eat and do nothing and then tell you that they’re okay are deluding themselves and anyone else that supports their decision. Some folks gain weight thanks to various diseases or conditions, but the idea of eating healthy is still a lifestyle choice. If you want to eat junk food all day and then complain why you can’t lose weight then it’s time to really open your eyes and look at what you’re doing.

It’s not unhealthy to be a bigger person so long as you maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But if you revel in being heavy and eating garbage then so be it, but don’t call it healthy.

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