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To be the person that shows you how the world works, I will endure the hate, the barbs, and the disrespect.

To be accepted I will suffer the ignorance, the arrogance, and the insipid that attempt to stifle my voice. You will hear me, like it or not, and my voice will not be quelled.

One day you will respect me, no matter if I must drag you through hell and back to earn it.

It’s your choice to like me, hate me, love me, despise me, learn from me, or ignore me entirely. But you will not stop me, never that.

I am the hardcase that will seek to teach you, the wall you must climb to find your way forward, and the line in the sand that you’ll have to cross in order to move forward. To truly live you will need to find a way through me, or around me, but you will not simply walk over me.

There is love in my heart for many, but it is a tempered thing that will not break or bend at this point. It has been tried and tested and will not fold for anyone. You will abide by this love or you will not, it’s your choice. I am hard of heart, but I strive to be fair. I demand much, but I give more.

I am the one that seeks to teach, the one that seeks to empower, and the one that seeks to protect. My heart belongs to those that learn to respect it, and is an immovable object to those that seek to take advantage of it.

-to my family, friends, and anyone that happens to be interested in experiencing my weird and uncertain world.

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