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Personally I know many people would argue with this since they have their favorite news sources and have a lot of faith in them. The problem is that no single news source has such a complete lack of bias that it’s assured that they’ll tell the honest to goodness truth and be able to deliver a fair and even newscast. Some try but many fail and in lieu of the absolute truth from more than one a single point of view a lot of them do tend to make their way to the various types of ‘news’ that has replaced journalism and is slowly but surely chipping away at the old school values that real journalism, unbiased journalism, was once so well known for.

The idea that any news you hear this day is real isn’t entirely false, some people truly attempt to give the news the way it is, not the way they would have it. But the need to play defense, to do damage control, and to simply act like the greatest show on TV (or try at least) in order to get the people to pay attention.

Know who else does that? Sitcoms, the circus, and politicians that are looking to get the people on their side. If you have a lick of sense in your head you’ll see past about fifty percent, or more, of the news that we’re given on a daily basis and make up your own mind.

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