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Anyone ever try to demand your respect without giving any to begin with? Sure, there are situations in which respect is expected since it’s already been earned in a very big way, but in many other moments it’s possible that respect is a thing that must be earned and given in equal measures. The respect we give on a daily basis is that we treat other people like human beings without needing to kowtow to them when it comes to their every opinion and sensibility that we have no prior knowledge of.

It’s not too hard to back up and apologize with sincerity if we offend someone, but at times it seems difficult for those that have been offended to simply accept that apology and move on. That too is a form of respect, and one that seems to be sorely lacking in this world today. People aren’t mind-readers on average and won’t be able to tell exactly what preferences another person has when speaking to another. But what a thinking, rational person will do is gladly offer enough respect to be polite when meeting and/or speaking to another person.

There are some hard lessons that it would appear many people need to be reminded of in this world, and respect is one of them that seems to be lacking the most in some instances. Simply speaking to a person in a calm and rational tone, even if you disagree, is a sign of respect. If you can’t even do this then you’ve proven that you don’t deserve the same respect that you owe. For such a small, piddling thing, some folks still make it seem like a monumental effort that takes more than they’re capable of giving.

Respect others, and you might be surprised at how they respond in kind.

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