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So many lives had passed by in what seemed like a moment in the grand scheme of her existence, and she remembered them all. She had been every color she could imagine and had belonged to more races than she wanted to count. Had she told this to anyone though she knew what would have happened. The world of now was a great deal different than it had been when she’d first come to awareness.

Today, in this life, she was a young English woman of thirteen years and was well-renowned for her beauty as well as her talent at acting. She’d been born to a simple family that had little money but a great amount of respect for one another, as well as love. They did what they could, and had attempted to send her, their youngest child, to acting classes since she was nine years old. What they couldn’t pay for she took care of by influencing things here and there using skills and knowledge that she’d gained from her past lives.

It was a strange kind of burden to know so much but not be able to share it, but in truth it was even worse since she’d been born so many different times with this knowledge already at hand. Thankfully the developing human body didn’t allow for the expression of such knowledge at every stage, otherwise the precocious nature of children, which she’d found was still prevalent every time she made the trip through one life after another, was hard to repress. It was a chemical process in the brain, much like anything else, that was hard to shut down with any success, but thankfully a good friend that had been similarly woke as she was long ago had taught her the trick.

For everything she knew how to do however, she was just as much in the dark as anyone else when it came to the future.

(to be continued)

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