“If there is no valid point to be made then silence becomes a virtue.”


Arguing with some people is a kind of pointless endeavor and it’s easy to explain why. Helping those that argue to fully understand why they truly have no valid argument is infinitely more difficult however since the moment that something is stuck in the heads of those that refuse to think freely and remain open they will refuse to budge. Being stoic and standing your ground is great when it comes to a point of view and a valid argument. But there are moments when a person digs in their heels so to speak when it becomes little more than a case of clinging stubbornly by the last thread of an invalid argument.

The moment an argument begins it is important to know that it is valuable to be open-minded and ready to back up your point of view. That single moment when you discover that you have nothing else to fall back on is when a person must realize that they’ve lost the argument and, perhaps, are either not as prepared as they should have been, are shaky in their facts, or are not as strong in their beliefs as they first thought. Each one of these is hard to truly prepare for since a lot of people don’t walk around with a head full of facts just ready to fire off if they’re challenged by someone with a differing viewpoint. Second, the facts that many believe are somewhat shaky anyway depending on the point of view that their detractor might entertain, and third, if your belief system can be shaken by a different point of view then it wasn’t that strong to begin with.

If you’re going to step into an argument, try not to fall back on various points as your go-to when you feel yourself failing, that’s an obvious tell. The moment you have to focus on anything but the main point, you’ve lost the argument. Boom.

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