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Has anyone grown tired of the whole idea of who’s the most racist and who has the worst ideals between the Republicans and the Democrats, the liberals and the conservatives? At this point it would seem that both sides are kind of fragmented all to hell since there are a great deal of folks that cling to ideas that a good part of each group find deplorable, but will gladly ignore when confronted with how they belong to either party.

Sigh, it’s kind of hard to remember what it was like to just be human and treat people with respect. Honestly, those on the right aren’t all racist bigots that are looking to deny white supremacy and try to take away the rights of the left. And the left isn’t composed of just a bunch of snowflakes that want to preach what they don’t practice. There’s a great deal of diversity on either side to be honest which kind of makes the whole argument about neither side being on the moral high ground a little more substantial and their cries that they’re in any way worth subscribing to just kind of ridiculous.

Really, being in the middle of all this has never been more appealing. Choosing a side these days is the worst Catch-22 ever.

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