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This might have been a good lesson for a lot of people in this country to learn before they decided to band together for the ‘mob justice’ that has been going on for nearly three years now. The marches, the protests, the demonstrations, the open hatred, vitriol, and fear-mongering that has gone on throughout the years is a ‘war’ that quite honestly has been fought more than once in the past but, and this is important, has a rather poor track record.

Did that shock anyone? Hope not, because asking for justice using mob tactics isn’t always the best idea since the idea of the mob is something that is ultimately self-defeating since in times of war. Even in supposed conflicts that we have now concerning who’s in the White House and what pretend injustices people are trying to fight against, the mob is an ineffective tool. You might wonder how this is possible since the mob tends to intimidate a lot of people. But the mob isn’t always as unified as it might seem

Ask just about any mob member why they’re out there. The chances are good that you’ll find a dozen different answers without any real explanation as to why they’re standing around holding signs and chanting, yelling, and screaming at the top of their lungs. They’re there because it’s the hip and trend thing to do, because hating someone that others hate helps them avoid being ostracized and labeled as something they don’t want to be seen as. They have no idea what they’re fighting for since deep down they know that their cause is kind of silly and more than a little ridiculous.

If you’re going to fight, know what you’re fighting for, and realize how foolish it might be from the beginning. Those that really believe in something are willing to give up everything for it. Are you?

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