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There’s a lot of us that want to be able to find the moral high ground but at this point finding it and keeping it is something that’s about as likely as arguing with a leftist that has their feet firmly rooted in the idea that you’re a racist because you’re white. Okay, that was a low blow admittedly and low-hanging fruit from the poison tree. But hey, I don’t always ascribe to the moral high ground since despite the view is great and it’s kind of peaceful, it doesn’t get a whole lot of things done. That sounds a bit odd doesn’t it? One would think that being able to grab hold of the moral high ground would give a person a distinct amount of authority that would make them somewhat better than someone else.

But quite honestly I prefer being in the trenches at time since this is where things are going to get done. The moral high ground is something that’s more of an ideal than a truth, a way of life that leaves people alone in a bubble that doesn’t allow for the real world to enter and intrude upon their carefully stacked tower of ethical principle. That’s not reality if you want the honest truth, since the world we live in isn’t perfect and the moral high ground is an idea that shatters the moment anyone opens their mouth.

It’s possible to be right, there’s no doubt about that, but the moment you’re right about one thing you might be wrong about another. Living in the trenches isn’t always the best way to go, but finding a happy medium between being down in the trenches and being on that ever-shifting high ground is often preferable to trying to be right about every last thing and faultless in all things.

That perfect high ground doesn’t exist.

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