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Neutral Zone, OR

He sighed internally, lifting his chin to the winds that sighed through the sparse woods that existed at this end of the island. This wasn’t the reason he’d come here, and it certainly wasn’t what he’d wanted to be doing with his day. But somehow trouble seemed to cross his path on a continual basis, and while he’d walked away more than once and allowed fate to take its course, this time he’d decided to stand up.

Maybe it was because of his affinity for the knightly group known as the Longblades, the clan to whom the foursome obviously belonged, or maybe he’d just felt the need to get involved this time.Whatever the case was, Tyler felt the absolute need to stand in the path of fate today, if only because it felt right.

The group of Thorns that had been dogging at the heels of the smaller group stopped as they saw him, perhaps thinking to take him out before moving on towards the group. As he faced them down however Tyler could hear the complex machinery of the bridge behind him as it was set into motion, the modifications that had been added to it over the years creating a span of whirling death that had managed to deter many an enemy since it had been constructed.

One of the spike-covered creatures stepped forward, pointing at Tyler with a clawed hand as he barked something that was barely comprehensible.

“End of the road meat,” he snarled.

Tyler smiled, his dark eyes flashing with a sheen of silver brilliance as the skies above them rumbled ominously, a blade appearing in his right hand where only a moment ago it had been empty.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “It is.”

The End

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