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Let’s say this, chivalry is still around, but a lot of men are really kind of pensive, not afraid, that if they hold a door open or do anything for a woman they might be labeled as a misogynist. It does seem, at times, that men are being looked at askance for daring to do anything that’s kind or even viewed as helping women, as this seems to indicate, somehow, that they can’t do these things for themselves.

Put simply: What?

Being nice to women isn’t really an attempt to show that we think that they’re lesser or in any way in need of our help. Believe it or not, men still want to be nice to women for a very good reason: we want to show them just how much they mean to us.

It’s very true that there are some scummy men out there that still think that showing a woman a good time and paying for everything on a date means that they owe the man something in return, ie. sexual favors. But to be perfectly honest there are some individuals that really don’t want that right away and are willing to stick around in order to see if anything can develop from a single date. But opening your door, paying for a meal, a movie, something, anything, that might happen on a date, isn’t a misogynistic way of keeping a woman down, but instead it’s way to say “I think you’re worth this, and possibly more”.

But would that mean that the woman doesn’t deserve it once a relationship is formed? Nope, not at all. The reason why we do these things while we’re courting is to be impressive, to show women that we value them and will be good to them if they give us a chance. Those women that think that we’re trying to show male dominance need to switch the lens on their oppression glasses or perhaps clean them off since quite honestly no person is going to spend a good deal of money on someone without thinking that there’s some value to a possible relationship. While it doesn’t always work since, honestly, people do find out they’re not compatible at times, it’s not a manner of oppression or misogyny, it’s a way to show you that we value you as women.

Any oppression or misogyny that’s seen in these acts are typically those seen by women that have some serious trust issues.

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