Whether you like him or not Ben Shapiro is impressive since he can shut down a debate like no one else. Among the many people that have spoken against liberals and other individuals that are hell bent on making sure that such people like Ben aren’t allowed to speak, y’know, the real fascist movement that warn against fascism, he’s one of those that is so well-informed that very few people can really argue with him and look as though they’re intelligent or reasonable.

He’s just as vulnerable to the inane chanting and protests that keep people from hearing him, he doesn’t have any special power to shut people up when it comes to their insane desire to shout and rail against him. But when they actually run out of breath or calm down long enough for him to speak, Ben shreds them calmly and without pause. His facts, which don’t care about feelings, are the type that are hard to fight against since they’re easy to prove and very simple in their delivery.

He speaks the truths that he knows about, and what he doesn’t know about he studies. When debating him it’s best to have facts, not faith. Otherwise you might be walking away with embarrassment and a bit of shame.

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