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A lot of people say they’re not sheep and then go on to believe just about anything they’re told so long as it at least grazes their own belief system. What’s that? I’m doing the same? Not really. I don’t fully trust either side of any debate since if you ask people about anything you will likely get their version of events. It might be the truth, hopefully, but more likely than not it will be from their perspective and with some healthy bias that is placed there to skew the decision of the masses that will listen.

This is easy to prove since throughout history it’s been seen to happen again and again. Sheople I believe is one word for those that blindly follow those that tell them what they want to hear and will gladly go along with whatever is said. It’s a bit sad really when a person claims to be a free thinker and then goes along with the mob when it’s time to assume their position and ‘do their own thing’

It might be lonely being a middle of the road individual, but it’s strangely liberating since it’s also free of the suggestions that others see as ‘common sense’. It’s definitely common, but it’s a long way from sense.

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